Missouri Sample Work

Issue Advocacy: Missouri Ballot Initiative

State Tax Constitutional Amendment

Working in lockstep with our market research partners at American Strategies, our team utilized a wide-range of engagement tactics to educate, persuade and mobilize likely ballot initiative supporters through an omni-channel communications approach.

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Direct Mail Sample

Issue Advocacy: Direct Mail Audience Segmentation with Custom Models

State Property Tax Reform

While digital and social is great for targeting individuals online, there remains strong evidence that offline targeting is equally, if not more effective, at engaging audiences. Direct mail, for example, is an offline communication tactic that can generate phenomenal campaign results.

Recently, our engagement solutions team worked closely with in-house data experts to develop two different models to score the potential mail target audience. We then tested the two different segments of custom built audiences using tear-off mailer. At the end of the test, we were able to track which segment performed better, which informed the campaign’s overall approach to issue advocacy outreach. 

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Digital Ads Sample

Issue Advocacy: 1:1 digital targeting

Statewide Ballot Initiative

For statewide legislation that sought to reduce property taxes, we leveraged our best-in-class database of voter records through our proprietary 1:1 digital targeting program. This one-to-one matching ensures our clients’ ads reach political audiences directly, and in a way that maximizes the effectiveness of online advertising. Our tests show that when comparing traditional digital targeting and 1:1 digital ad targeting, we see an increase of over 400% (on average) improvement on campaign ROI. 

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