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Issue Advocacy: 1:1 Digital Targeting

Statewide Ballot Initiative

For statewide legislation that sought to reduce property taxes, we leveraged our best-in-class database of voter records through our proprietary 1:1 digital targeting program. This one-to-one matching ensures our clients’ ads reach political audiences directly, and in a way that maximizes the effectiveness of online advertising. Our tests show that when comparing traditional digital targeting and 1:1 digital ad targeting, we see an increase of over 400% (on average) improvement on campaign ROI.

The Challenge

To utilize the most powerful digital targeting available to encourage civic engagement on an important statewide ballot initiative.

Our Approach

  • Define the Target Audience: Analyze voter records, demographics and behavior to identify those segments most likely to respond to the call-for-action
  • Test Specific Segments: Identify those audiences that are most responsive to optimize the campaign
  • Full Campaign Launch: 1:1 target those specific individuals online at scale, while refining approach at every phase
  • Examine Results: Determine highest performing group and use this insight for additional omni-channel targeting

Our Solution

Utilize our proprietary 1:1 digital targeting program to target priority audiences for the statewide initiative directly, in a “cookie-less,” device-agnostic way.

Specifically, our outreach effort sought to leverage the power of precision targeting, modeling and analytics to increase issue awareness. Additionally, the success of the campaign was underpinned by our unique matching capabilities with 20 of the largest media providers including Facebook, Google and Yahoo. In the end, we exceeded client expectations through an 86.4% to 13.6% winning election result.

The table below demonstrates the powerful impact that this technology had on the campaign, as measured by the Click Thru Rate (CTR) across different online channels and device types.

Digital Targeting Results Table

Market Research:

  • Voter File Analysis


  • Graphic Design
  • Content Marketing
  • Messaging & Positioning

Insight & Analytics:

  • Precision Targeting
  • A/B Testing

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