The Data is Out There

How Absentee Voter Ballot Information Created a Highly Targeted Mail Campaign

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

By: Rebecca Jami, Chief Operating Officer

Mailing lists built from clean, updated data are critical to the success of a campaign. But are you constantly refining your data as you go? You should be. Learn how to go from targeted to micro-targeted after the jump.



Now Is the Time for Trial and Error

And Other Key Takeaways from Recent Meetings

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

By: Adam Wagner, Content Director

Our takeaway from recent virtual public affairs events: To be successful in the COVID Era, you have to be willing to try something new. And don’t hesitate! Learn how to get started today.


Making Video Part of Your Campaign Strategy Has Never Been Easier

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

By: Rebecca Jami, COO

The perception of video has changed. Forget flashy budgets—here are 5 ways to create content for campaign videos without breaking the bank.


3 Ways Video Can Up Your Outreach Game

Thursday, July 30, 2020

By: Rebecca Jami, COO

Using video to engage your members, employees, and other stakeholders has never been more important than during the current pandemic. Here are three ways we’re seeing Grassroots and PAC clients leverage video with great results.


Create a Workplace Focused on Reducing Risk

Thursday, June 24, 2020

By: Emily Shaffer, Project Director

Many businesses are planning the logistics behind a return to work. They are weighing things like requiring masks, setting up hand-sanitizing stations, and implementing physical barriers to ensure social distancing and reduce risk of spreading COVID-19.

Ensuring employees—as well as clients and other visitors—feel comfortable being back in the office is a great branding opportunity for your PAC, advocacy, and government affairs programs, to show you stand united with your stakeholders.


Up Your Zoom & Teams Game With Custom Backgrounds

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

By: Rebecca Jami, COO

In the post-COVID era, videoconferencing while wearing your house slippers is a new norm. But that doesn’t mean you need to broadcast how messy your house is. Enter custom backgrounds for Microsoft Teams and Zoom videoconferencing software.

Download your free custom backgrounds after the jump. And consider using custom backgrounds to support your program’s messages.


How to Turn Out the Vote When COVID-19 Has Voters Worried

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

By: Greg Adams, CEO

Our latest national poll on voting in the time of COVID-19 shows Americans are concerned about their safety at the polls. We found most American voters are concerned that the pandemic will prevent citizens from participating in the election, and that voters across party lines want policymakers to take action to ensure voter safety.

What does this mean for your efforts to get your stakeholders to vote in the 2020 elections? Those answers, plus links to all the voting resources you’ll need this election year, after the jump.


Twenty Years as a Virtual Leader: We’ve Learned Some Things

By: Greg Adams, CEO

Twenty years ago, three colleagues and I started a government affairs advocacy company. We all had young kids, so we decided to give a virtual office a try—and believe it or not it worked. We have expanded over the years into four companies with more than 100 employees, and a virtual office model continues to be our preference.

Read some of the lessons learned about running a company without four walls, along with ideas to consider as you navigate this new world in the face of a COVID-19 quarantine.


ICYMI – NABPAC’s “Facts About PACs” Podcast

By: Adam Wagner, Content Director

ACCESS Marketing Services is a proud sponsor of NABPAC’s latest episode of the “Facts About PACs” Podcast. The new podcast series is a must-listen for the PAC community, providing actionable intelligence and ideas for improving your program in the face of COVID-19.

Definitely worth the 15 minutes!


In the Digital Age, Why Winning Campaigns Trust Direct Mail

By: Rebecca Jami, COO

Pretend you’re a campaign. Your job is to persuade thousands, perhaps tens of thousands, of constituents to vote for a person they’ve never met or an issue that may be complex or just boring. To add insult to injury, you have to do it today, in 2020, during a time that is sure to go down in the annals of American history as fraught with a lack of confidence in American media and a political climate of distrust and cynicism.

So how are you going to do it? The answers, plus cat gifs, after the jump.



What Are You Communicating With Your Typeface?

July 23, 2020

Fast Company

Whether you’re running for office or backing someone who is, typeface matters! It’s important to know what message you’re communicating with both serif and sans serif fonts. Fonts influence how you perceive candidates and issues.


Will 2020 Bring on a Design Revolution?

July 17, 2020

The Drum

Just as WWI led to Art Deco, the Great Depression birthed Surrealism, and Vietnam gave us Psychedelia, for every calamity a new wave of design emerges in response. Here’s what we can expect following the crazy (but memorable) 2020.


Facebook’s Political Ad Opt-Out Feature is Largely Smoke & Mirrors

June 19, 2020

Campaigns & Elections

What does FB’s political ad opt-out feature mean for PACs and advocacy programs? Largely smoke and mirrors with very little actual impact on political advertising on the digital platform. Despite intentions, few users will opt out.


NABPAC’s “Facts About PACs” Podcast Talks COVID-19

May 13, 2020

National Association of Business Political Action Committees

How are PACs and Government Relations programs handling the COVID-19 lockdown? NABPAC Executive Director Micaela Isler checks in with Altria’s John Mason, Senior Manager Political Programs & Research.


Don’t Forget About Your Old Friend, Direct Mail!

January 10, 2020

United States Post Office

Want to know the argument for why direct mail is STILL the most-effective way to engage voters during critical times of the election year? Find a ton of cool resources at DeliverTheWin.com.


Facebook’s Hands-Off Approach to Political Speech Gets Impeachment Test

October 10, 2019

New York Times

The company’s handling of a Trump campaign ad with unsubstantiated accusations about Joseph Biden foreshadows a continuing fight over misinformation.


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